The Benefits of using Beekley Skin Marking for Mammography provides clear communication for radiologists with an effective way to identify nipples, raised moles, surgical scars, palpable masses, and non-palpable areas of concern or pain for precise interpretation. As a result, mammograms can be more accurate, and callbacks can be reduced.

The system consists of five different and distinctive shapes. A circle appearing on the image indicates a raised mole. A line visibly shows the location, shape, and length of a previous surgery,a triangle symbolizes a palpable mass,a pellet is used to mark a nipple, and a square identifies non-palpable areas of concern or pain.

Breast imaging centers using the Beekley Skin Marking System for either 2D full field digital mammography or digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) report better communication, fewer questions,reduced need for additional views, better interpretation when comparing to priors, and improved permanent documentation for future interpretation.

• Nipple markers improve accuracy and can be used on every patient to differentiate a retroareolar finding from the nipple
• Mole markers can eliminate questions and help reduce avoidable callbacks
• Scar markers act as a reference point and eliminate confusion by identifying the location of a biopsy or previous surgery
• Palpable mass markers readily identify the symptomatic area
• Non-palpable areas of concern or focal pain markers indicate the precise location of an area in question